Monday, November 19

Thanksgiving Table Celebration

ADDENDUM - thanks for all of your comments. Just want to make sure everyone knows that you don't have to be hosting Thanksgiving to participate. You're welcome to email us a picture of whatever table you're gathered around. Happy Thanksgiving! xo.

(image from CHOW magazine)

As you know, I love setting the table. Even when I was a little girl, I would always pay attention to the spacing and special placement of every element...I think it was the beginning of what some call my attention to detail and others call my OCD ;)

So, needless to say, I really loved reading this article in CHOW magazine that I found via Shim + Sons (for her take on the shoot, make a worthwhile visit here...her table setting is beautiful.)

I also loved Blueprint's article on the Texas Thanksgiving. (Now that I'm living in SoCal, outdoor dining shots always pique my interest.)

(image from Blueprint magazine)

So, now that you've had a little inspiration, I want to invite you to our Thanksgiving Table Celebration. Here's the scoop--it's not a contest, but one entry will be chosen at random to receive a little care package from B&B. (I'm going to email Jamie a random number today and that will be the winning number.)

To enter, email us "a picture or few" of your Thanksgiving Table along with your name, the place you celebrated the holiday, the people you celebrated with, and any special notes about the elements within your table setting. The pictures can be of the whole table or close-ups of certain items...anything you want. If you have a blog, flickr or picasa account that you want to share, please do. The submission deadline will be a week from today, Monday 11/26.

Good luck and I hope you're number hmmmmm...

As an aside I thought I'd share my newest favorite way of setting our table since we'll be away visiting and not hosting T-Day this year. We got this cloth in NYC at Moon River Chattel and the napkins were a special gift--thank you B&G!


Anonymous said...

Um, your OCD apparently doesn't cover grammatical issues...that should be "piques my interest". Just a tip from one OCD sufferer to another ;-)

Courtney said...

Ha--i love it. Thank you anonymous educated one!

Courtney said... least I didn't say "peeks my interest"--right?

Anonymous said...

At least your OCD prompts you to keep in peak form by correcting mistakes posthaste!! BTW, I love taking peeks at your blog.

Summer :) said...

Eeeww! I wish I was going to be at home and have all of my table linens!! I would BE the number!!! :):) Happy Thanksgiving! It won't be the same without you and the BOY! :)

L. Brist said...

ahha! I love it. You KNOW where I'll be...and I'll try to sneak a photo or two of OUR Thanksgiving table...yes, we will have turkey dinner here...does a cafeteria line count???? ;-)

At least it will be an INTERESTING Thanksgiving...esp. when one speaks on that day. Ha. xo

jamie said...

i know the secret number... kneener kneener kneener... and I can be bribed!

Mary said...

Well, I love your tablecloth and napkins. We are not having a traditional thanksgiving this year since I will be back in Alabama with my hubby, but we are going to have a nice day relaxing together and gorging ourselves on Chinese food, if we can find anything open!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

siegelsnest said...

Yes, setting the table is half the fun for me! I LOVE IT! I almost wish we could have Turkey Dinner at our house for the sake of entering the competition! (Thankfully, we will be with family elsewhere and spoil the munchkins!!)

lauriedorie said...

happy turkey day, and happy b-day to the birthday girl, too! :) mu-ah from me to you!!!