Saturday, December 6

Handmade Holidays v.5

for the sisterfriend.

Otherwise known as your creative guinea pig or cheerleader, the sisterfriend is the most fun to delight and impress. I'm not sure if sisterfriend is an actual word, or a term coined by my girlfriend Kara to somehow describe the bond you can feel with your sister, or a good girlfriend—but I love it and am so lucky to have so many amazing sisterfriends! Who needs Anthropologie when you can make something from this line up?

Kitchen Set

Snow Mum Pillow from Amy Butler
(I am dying to make this one in some funky dahlia-ish print!)

LinkIrish Hiking Scarf and Armwarmers Set
found via Ravelry


Andrea said...

I just love these ideas! I cowl is especially beautiful.

jamie said...

I've started the cowl and the cable scarf patterns... so lovely!