Saturday, February 23

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I love this faux bois mirror... and have been scheming ways to make it mine for about a year--especially during the past 3 days I've spent in bed due to the cold flu. I even mentioned this mirror here. Anyway, we have a trip planned to Portland in a few weeks for a little Cirque du Soleil with some friends and a visit to Crafty Wonderland. I keep thinking that maybe the cosmos will be aligned for it to be on sale and we can pick it up at the West Elm in the Pearl District... I mean, it is bound to go on sale someday right?

Other than drooling over this mirror, I've been napping, working a bit on some of these, this and most excitingly, my quilt kit that is becoming more of a quilt than a kit...

Saturday, February 16

Chevron Scarf

Since seeing the Chevron Scarf pattern in Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts, I've really wanted to try it out. I love the effect of swirling 2 different varegated yarns together--kind of psychodelic yet gentle. But the progress is slow and after about a month into it, I can only show off about 2 feet of scarf! Making this scarf is a good excuse to buy Koigu Wool Designs Painter's Palette yarn as I'm not quite ready for making socks!

Thursday, February 14

Tea Mine Valentine

I feel so loved... To the brim... What a rich life.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 13

The Post Owl

I've gotten some really fabulous packages via post recently. Mama & Daddy sent up a box of love and special goodies for Valentines Day (maybe I'll even share some of it with you soon). And then guess what came in the mail today? Studio Scraps from Anna Maria Horner's new shop (that makes it sound so magical... like they just appeared--not like I actually purchased them or anything!). While you are over there, you'd better check out Drawing Room, her new fabric line which looks fantastic (you can read also read about it on Andrea's blog). I'm really excited about using the scraps to make some more of these notebooks & pincushions.

Tuesday, February 12


The only good thing about having a cold for the third time this winter is that there is so much going on right now to distract my mind while lying around...again. Like, an early V-day gift from Mom & Dad of heart shaped marshmallows for my hot cocoa...

And designing invitations for my work-friend's baby shower. I had a great time with these. I pulled a fabric swatch off the web for the background (I can't right now remember from where!) and found a sweet picture of a baby girl shoe here...

Also: the first ever (seen to my eyes) "E-ZINE," new bluegrassy music from The Be Good Tanyas (with a Gee's Bend quilt on the front of the album...not that it does a whole lot of good to me when bought on iTunes, nevertheless...), awaiting the launch of Lotta's fabric line & in the meantime discovering the location of Purl Soho's Orange County warehouse (more about that later), and, I've always wanted to try this shrinky dink stuff...has your path every crossed with it before? Oh--and, Toast's new spring line is out.

Monday, February 11

A memory...

It’s my last day of college. Finals are over--all that’s left is the donning of the proverbial cap and gown. I get off the elevator and walk into my beloved Professor B’s office. It’s a warm day. I look out the window and down to the palms and other tropical greenery. I’ll miss this. She’s sitting at her computer and gives me a quick, wait a minute, glance. I sit down on the boxy, leather chair, studying the bookshelves as I lean back and prop my elbows on the wooden arms. They are crammed with literature. Hardbacks, paperbacks--leaflets, loose leafs, photographs, special editions. I wonder what my office would look like if I was an English professor...

She turns to me--middle-aged, with her long, ‘fro-y, black hair moving everywhere around her large face, her big brown eyes framed in dark, thick-rimmed glasses. She’s at once masculine and feminine, and I’m fascinated by every bit of her wild yet thoughtful mind. “I’m thinking of painting the walls Pompeiian red, “ she says, “what do you think?” I remember back to the dry, hot day I shared with Lindsy, walking for hours and hours through ancient volcanic ruins. I remember the people preserved in ash, praying or running or reaching for each other. I remember all the reds--shades of clay and dried blood. I nod my head in agreement. “Maybe just the one wall?" she asks in her nasally accent, pointing to the shelves. “Maybe just the one,” I reply. We talk about this and that--how she’s looking for a new babysitter, whether foregoing a scholarship to grad school to try out the restaurant business was the best decision for now, Mme. Bovary, why the color red, the importance of always learning, never stopping...we say goodbye. A hard one for us both.

“Courtney,” she calls as I stand up, “you have a wonderful mind.” She turns to the shelves, pulling out this and this and handing them to me. “Whatever you do, wherever you go...never stop reading.”

(That was five years ago...I’ve never opened the covers.)

Saturday, February 9


It's official--we're moving to Old Towne Orange! I'm so excited to settle in and be doing more of this and eating often here...but until then...packing and lifting and shimmying it is...

Living walking and biking distance to The Circle, and a few miles from Huntington Beach, means that I'm on the look out for a set of wheels. In the event my friend's luck doesn't wear off on me, I've been eyeing some other options. Any thoughts?

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