Saturday, April 9

William & Kate

Maybe it's because I'll be spending the day with my old roommate from London, or maybe it's simply because I cannot deny myself any longer! Anyways, here is a round up of my favorite graphics of the Royal Wedding know you can't resist either!
Special Edition Mug--and a Tea Towel too--by Emma Bridgewater

Biscuit Tin & Biscuits from Liberty of London
(I'm so glad this is already sold out, otherwise I may have accidentally
purchased this to have a tea party with my nieces!)

Procession Tote Bag from House that Lars Built
Corgi Tea Towel by Gemma Correll

Tea Towel from Claudia Pearson
Giclee Print from Glyn West Design
"I Do" Tea Towel from the London Transport Museum
Tea Towel by Francis Terry for Ben Pentreath
(via Remodelista)


Lois said...

What wonderful fun! I'm not ashamed to admit I can't resist either. :) Thanks for doing all the research for us!!

jamie said...

This is fabulous! I mean, how much cooler is all of this stuff than that cheesy stuff that we found of Mom/Aamie's from Charles & Di?! :)